Summer window cleaning for Hotels


The summer is finally here and we’re entering the busiest time in our calendar.

During Spring we work extensively on Solar Panel Cleaning, to ensure that the panels are working at their most efficient when the daylight hours stretch into Summer.

And during the height of the Summer, a big focus for us is Schools and other educational establishments. With the students and the bulk of the staff away from the campus, its an ideal time for us to give the windows and gutters a thorough clean.

From early summer through to late Summer and early Autumn, we work extensively on Hotels. With the peak of footfall and bookings coinciding with the tourist season, Hotel windows get dirty very quickly and so we need to keep them spotless wherever possible.

This is always tricky when so many people are coming to and fro within the buildings. Its something we are very used to though, and our processes and procedures are well tuned to needing to work discretely but diligently whilst tourists and visitors go about their business.

As we’re now entering that sunny season, we are working hard to continue delivering great service. And if you want to know more about the challenges affecting Hotels in particular, why not take a look at our Case Study?

All the best!