10 Reasons Why Astound is… Simply the Best!


ASTOUND – it’s in the name. For over ten years we have dedicated ourselves to building a brand synonymous with excellence. We refuse to do anything less then the best work we can for our valued clients, and strive for top quality in everything we do.

You could say we’re a bit like a big family here at Astound Cleaning Group, one where we all work together for the benefit of each other and our customers. From our experienced cleaners to our talented operations teams, our collaborative ethos spurs us on to do the best work we can across the board, delivering results that leave our customers dazzled!

Still not convinced? See for yourself why Astound is… Simply the Best!

Simply the best… PRICING

Our pricing team and supervisors have over twenty years of experience within the industry and know how to deliver our services in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Furthermore, our free site survey process and our in-house high access equipment allow us to save our clients even more time and money. Not enough? We also offer additional discounts and flexibility outside of peak periods – beat that!

Simply the best… HEALTH & SAFETY

All the work that we do here at Astound is and always will be in full compliance to the latest UK governmental health and safety regulations and recommendations. We know just how important it is to operate with care and responsibility when working on your place of business, especially when specialised cleaning technology and machinery is involved. All our employees are fully trained to do their job as safely as possible for your benefit, their own benefit, and the benefit of the general public. Rest assured: you are in safe hands with Astound!

Simply the best… OPERATORS

Astound hires only the most talented and dedicated operatives as we refuse to compromise on quality. We know that you get out what you put in, and we invest time and energy into ensuring our operators are the best around. We make sure to provide every new member of staff with the highest possible standard of training. Furthermore we are able to invest in our workforce using up-skilling, which means that, even in the smallest team, staff can support each others professional development so that we can deliver the highest standards of quality, codes of conduct and health and safety.

Simply the best… EQUIPMENT

Our cutting-edge cleaning technology ranges from carbon fibre 72ft poles to specialist gum removal machines and high-pressure water jet poles to cherry pickers and the latest gutter vac systems. We make sure to use the best quality tools in all the work that we do, and invest in owning the equipment we use, saving ourselves and our customers the potential inconvenience of hiring from third parties. This means no hidden costs, no daily hire fees, and most importantly, more savings!

Simply the best… OPERATIONS TEAM

Having a resourceful and diligent operations team helps to set us apart from the competition. That’s why we invest in training and up-skilling our staff so you feel confident that each of your requests will be handled professionally and effectively. The entire team here at Astound Cleaning Group takes care and pride in working closely together. Therefore whoever you speak to has secure access to your information and understands your needs and requirements at the time of your call.

Simply the best… PROJECT MANAGERS

We have employed an expert project planning team who work alongside our qualified health and safety advisor and our chartered consultant. Together our planning staff ensure that Astound Cleaning Group operates with efficiency, promoting professionalism and safety above all in every project we take on.

Simply the best… TECHNOLOGY

Our award-winning computer systems have been customised to follow our unique company process. Every stage of the project is recorded and communicated through one system, giving you the customer full visibility and control throughout. Everything is secure and Cloud-based to give 100% availability and uninterrupted continuity of service.

Simply the best… FEEDBACK SYSTEMS

We understand that feedback is crucial when it comes to ensuring that we are doing our best work for our customers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions and our Free Onsite Site Survey is an opportunity for one of our experienced surveyors to visit your site and listen to your requirements in depth. We collect essential information – including resources required, delivery logistics and health & safety considerations – into a detailed report for the customer. This information is then used by our expert in-house operators to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of our services.


Astound Cleaning Group is a completely carbon neutral company. Cleanliness is what we love and a clean environment is what we are working towards. We are as such proud to partner with Trees For The Future.org, a reforestation project which we send a percentage of the money our customers spend with us towards the planting of trees and gardens. You can learn more and sign up to – ‘Become a Tree Amigo’ and start planting right away!

Simply the best… GUARANTEES

At Astound Cleaning Group we have developed a quality management system which ensures the highest possible standard of operations at all times across every service we provide. In fact, we are the proud recipients of a Gold Standard for responsible business award. We are honoured to receive recognition developing and maintaining top-quality standards throughout our organisation, and take pride in passing on the benefits to our clients in the work we do.