for the Future


Astound Cleaning Group is delighted to announce our partnership with for the Future

We’re now working with…

As a carbon neutral company, we are proud to work alongside, a charitable organisation who train millions of farmers across the world to better support themselves and better protect the environment. We are fully committed to do what we can as a business to help needy families in the developing world, that’s why we are offering our customers the chance to join us on our mission – Become a Tree Amigo!

Cleanliness is what we love, and a clean environment is what we are working toward.

From now on, our customers will be given the option to send 10% of what they spend on our services to This will help fund the training of farmers in developing nations worldwide, who are struggling to survive in an environment desiccated by short-sighted monoculture farming methods.

With the equivalent of 50 football pitches worth of the planet’s forests lost every minute, and the subsequent depletion of soil, water and biodiversity, have developed a simple solution: the Forest Garden. The Forest Garden Program involves the planting of a variety of fast growing trees and crops in a systematic manner over four years. This helps quickly restore tree population in hard-hit areas, with millions of families reaping the benefits: ‘sustainable food sources, livestock feed, products to sell, fuel wood and a 400% increase in their annual income’ in these four years.

We are very excited to begin our partnership with, and look forward to bringing our valued customers along with us as we join the mission to restore the environment and transform the lives of struggling farming communities worldwide in the process.

You can learn more about for the Future on their official website and you can sign up to our FREE Tree Amigo membership program HERE