That time of year… Schools


Whilst you have hopefully been enjoying the summer break, either having a great holiday or catching up on your marking or course prep, we have been working really hard for Schools, Colleges, Academies and Universities across the South East. That’s because it’s a perfect time of year to be getting buildings looking great for the return of the boys and girls and the start of a new academic year.

Many of our Education clients perform all of their building maintenance during this period and we are there in the thick of it, taking care of all of those windows. We also help out with cleaning gutters as its also a great time of year to be doing that. Without the rush of the students around us, we can do a brilliant job of making sure that the inevitable autumn deluge gets handled efficiently and stays away from the walls, windows (and staff!).

If you have just finished with your annual window clean, this is also a great time of year to be booking in the next visit from us, and if we’ve not yet taken care of the gutters, we should be booking that in for you, too. Some of our Education clients have us in 2 or even 3 times a year to coincide with mid term breaks. Whilst that not within everyone’s budget (or not always necessary) we would urge you to book in advance if you do need us to revisit during mid-term. We have far less time to fit in all of our clients, so booking in advance is crucial.

With all that in mind, we hope that you have a successful academic year and look forward to seeing you again!

All the best, Matt