That time of year… Gutters


Yes its gutter cleaning time again, and if you don’t know why this is a good time of year to be cleaning your gutters, walk outside and look at the nearest tree. Yes.. its green.. but not for long. And all of those lush leaves are going to be floating in the direction of gutters all over the country very soon! So make sure yours are clean now, else the next drop will start an overflow.

Of course, I am being quite cheeky here because not every gutter gets clogged with leaves, especially if you aren’t in a green part of the world, but natural organic material is one of the biggest causes of gutter blockages. Whether thats falling leaves, root balls from Ivy and such like, or birds nests from the spring.

An annual gutter clean will keep rainwater moving the way the architect intended, so its good to plan for at least one clean per year. Why not head over to our Case Study page for some more info on why this might be something for you to consider?

All the best, Matt