Solar Panel Cleaning Certification


We have been cleaning Solar Panels for some years now and it’s a growing area of work for us as they become more popular for business and domestic premises alike. A couple of weeks ago we attended certification training to ensure that we continue to offer excellent service in this area. As well as some of our team, I also attended and passed the training.

Many businesses are considering Solar Panels as a way off reducing their energy bill or reducing their carbon footprint. Solar Panels are an excellent renewable, green energy. And the technology is improving constantly. However, it is really important to keep them in tip-top clean condition for one simple reason; dirt gets in the way of sunlight and less sunlight means less energy. If your Solar Panels aren’t cleaned regularly, you will be loosing the benefit of your investment. Less energy will be generated and less benefit will be felt on your investment.

There are many cleaning companies out there now offering regular solar panel cleaning and making claims of up to 50% increase in productivity but all of these are without any proven statistics at all. The panels do require cleaning for maximum productivity as bird dropping and algae will block the light reaching the cells and lower the output of the panels, so cleaning them from time to time is a good idea to keep them working efficiently. We recommend one clean per year for all installations but some Solar Panels are more exposed than others, so need more regular cleaning. We offer a free inspection, so why not contact us to arrange a visit and quote?

All the best!