Fogging Cleaning Service to Combat COVID-19


Astound Cleaning Group are excited to announce that we will shortly be providing a ULV fogging cleaning service, perfectly suited to safely eradicating any traces of COVID-19/Coronavirus from your home or place of business.

Adding to our extensive range of specialised cleaning services, ‘fogging’ is the name given to the process of spraying areas with a powerful chemical disinfectant. Operators wearing protective biohazard clothing use jet-pole apparatus to comprehensively cover the area you would like to disinfect with the chemical in the form of a mist, hence the process being referred to as ‘fogging’.

The specialist cleaning chemical is atomised, turning it into a fog which¬†will kill all traces of bacteria that it comes into contact with. This includes any contaminates that are airborne or sat on hard or soft surfaces in the area subject to the fogging process. As you can imagine, this process is far safer and much more efficient then wiping down surfaces manually, as this takes considerably longer to do properly, is more physically exhausting for operatives and doesn’t tackle germs in the air.

Furthermore, the chemical used in the fogging process remains active for a long period of time after being sprayed, meaning that it will continue to kill any new germs that materialise, safeguarding your space from further contamination. Astound is always looking to innovate our cleaning processes and utilising the latest, most effective cleaning chemicals and technology is an integral part of how we strive to provide the best service possible for our valued customers.

During the difficult and uncertain circumstances around the COVID-19/Coronavirus public health crisis, we would like to reiterate our commitment to making your place of business as safe as possible using our elevated cleaning services. All the work we do is in full accordance with the latest UK Health and Safety regulations and recommendations and all our cleaning operatives are experienced and highly respectful of all safety protocols regarding our processes and technology. Contact our Operations Team today – they will warmly welcome the opportunity to tailor a complete cleaning package that will meet your requirements in full.