We have all of the equipment and expertise to clean and maintain your buildings gutters, which will in the long run help to keep your windows even cleaner.

Spotless Service

With all of the required equipment on hand to clean windows in even the tallest buildings, it makes sense that we also offer a gutter cleaning service. This is especially true when you consider that clogged gutters can be a significant cause of dirty windows in business buildings. So for larger buildings we recommend at least checking your gutters as part of regular window cleaning - avoiding our hard work (and your expense) being undone on the first heavy rainfall.

When gutters stop working efficiently, the overflow not only has the potential to soak the windows underneath them but also to carry much of the dirt and debris down with them, making the effect on your windows even dirtier than the natural accumulation of dirt over a normal year.

Discreet Professionalism

We find all kinds of material when cleaning gutters, not just the leaves and birds nests that you may expect but litter that seems unlikely to reach such heights. One common problem with gutters is plant growth. Not only can plants seed in gutters, or creep into them from brickwork, but they can create substantial root or branch systems. This makes gutter cleaning not just an issue of cleanliness but of the buildings maintenance; the weight from that plant growth can cause strain on (and eventually failure of) gutter fixings.

We always ensure that when cleaning gutters, we do a good job that will last for a season. We also ensure that we do it discreetly and professionally, to spare any blushes that may come from removing the contents.

Experience Matters

Regular maintenance is the key to good gutter operation, so we always encourage our clients to book a regular clean. For most clients this is an annual process though for some particular businesses, or locations, this may be biennial or quarterly. Either way, we make sure that we make a booking reminder on your behalf to have the process completed again when necessary.

Our staff are very experienced in this messy job and benefit from the equipment, training and technology to make that job considerably easier. We invest in these people and systems in order to always deliver an excellent result, whatever the weather!

At Astound we do not ask our clients to take out contracts. We work hard to retain happy customers through excellent service.

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Situated in Findon Valley in Worthing, Vale First and Middle School is a two to three storey building backing onto a heavily wooded embankment. Falling leaves and debris had built up in the gutters over time; in some areas there were established plants growing causing severe disruption to the flow of the gutters. As is often the case with schools, we also found a variety of interesting objects in the gutters such as tennis balls, sponge balls, even teddy bears and pens.


As a busy school, it was critical to carry out the planned works during the school holidays; avoiding disruption to the schools activities, and ensuring the safety of students.

There were also a number of delivery challenges due to the nature of the building and the position of the guttering in some areas. During our initial survey we identified that some of the guttering would require use of a cherry picker for access. In some areas – particularly the rear elevation – the debris was heavily solidified and required clearing by hand. In other areas, the height of the guttering was simply out of the reach of our gutter-vac system.

Due to these complexities, we selected a team with the appropriate experience and IPAF qualifications to ensure the work would be carried out competently and safely.

Duration: 1 Day



Waterlogging on the flat roof where debris in the gutters had solidified causing water to overflow onto the roof itself. The guttering in this area was deep and wide and was cleared using shovels, afterwards the surface water was brushed down through the gutters.

Well established plants had taken root in the gutters in a court yard area; these were cleared by hand and disposed of. Tennis balls, pens and even teddy bears were found inside the guttering around the playground areas. We were able to remove these safely by hand using the cherry picker for access.

Broken guttering was found in a number of places, our team was able to repair this safely using the cherry picker for access.


Overflowing guttering at the front entrance where the downpipe enters the soak-away was found to be caused by tennis balls becoming lodged at the bottom of the gutter with leaves backed up over the top. Here it was decided the best course of action was to take the guttering apart, a drainage rod was pushed down to dislodge the tennis balls and debris restoring free flow to the trapped water. The gutter was carefully put back together.


Annual clearance of gutters to prevent build-up of debris. This should take place ideally during the winter months after the autumnal leaves have fallen.

Installation of gutter balloons, in particular in the areas where children’s toys were found.

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