The Forest Garden Solution

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Join Astound and For The Future on a mission to help the planet and improve the lives of impoverished farmers in Africa by revitalising degraded lands.

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We are proud to have joined forces with For The Future. With your permission, we will invest a percentage of every penny you spend on our services towards planting trees in developing nations.

  • Every £100 in cleaning = 20 trees planted

  • We have started by planting 10,000 trees this year :-)

  • The planet breathes and farmers get the help they need

The issue:

Developing nations in Africa, Latin America and South/South-East Asia are losing the equivalent of 50 football pitches worth of trees every minute, which is destroying the ecosystem in nations already struggling with famine and poverty.

The conventional agricultural methods employed by farmers in these areas are sadly insufficient in preserving the local environment, and as a result, these farmers have to migrate frequently to find sustainable land to grow their crops.


The solution: Forest Gardens. For The Future have developed a simple method of farming that is both better for the environment and better for farmers. The Forest Garden Program involves planting sizeable clusters of fast-growing trees, which clean the air and re-fertilise the soil, and food crops, which in turn will significantly improve the finances and nourishment of millions of families.

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Fill in the form below and we’ll activate you as a Tree Amigo member, then work with Astound Cleaning Group this year and we will make sure that a percentage of your payment goes directly to the reforestation projects at We will keep you updated on how the trees you helped plant are getting on, and we’ll send you a handsome certificate at the end of the year.

Simply put, every £100 you spend with Astound Cleaning Group will result in 20 trees planted on behalf of your organisation.

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    Become a Tree Amigo

    Tree Amigos will receive a quarterly statement by email (in the name of their organisation) showing how many trees you have planted in relation to your spend with Astound on cleaning services.

    TICK TO AGREE to become a Tree Amigo and allow us to use a % of your spend with us towards planting trees.

    There’s more: as a Tree Amigo member you will be able to take part in prize draws and competitions. We have a range of exciting environmentally-friendly opportunities you can share with your colleagues, teachers and students:

    WIN – a full Forest Garden kit of seeds and nursery tools for one year.

    HELP – plant up to 1,000 seedlings.

    TEACH – send a farmer to field school to learn how to manage a Forest Garden.

    INSPIRE – with a fully funded Forest Garden program, planting at least 4,000 trees that will change the environment and the lives of a farming family for generations to come. For The Future need our help to fund the training of hundreds of millions of farmers that exist worldwide.

    Thank you for partnering with Astound Cleaning Group in our efforts to protect the environment.