Gum Removal

You can rely on Astound Cleaning Group to take care of any nasty chewing gum marks left on your premises.

We are proud to use the Gum-Grafter Chewing Gum Removal Machine: the latest in specialised gum-removal technology. The Gum-Grafter utilises a steam cleaning process which is highly effective in removing large surfaces stained by chewing gum. Furthermore, because the machine uses steam rather than hot water jets, your freshly cleaned surfaces will dry very quickly.

The steam is combined with a safe, eco-friendly cleaning agent (RTU/CONC). This combination, which is sprayed at high temperatures, will break up and remove any caked-on stains left by gum. All in all, the Gum-Grafter is an extremely safe, cost-effective means to remove chewing gum.

Astound Cleaning Group will always offer a highly experienced, professional cleaning team to remove gum from your site, with only 24-hours notice required. Furthermore – we will always operate without disrupting the usual day-to-day activity of your commercial premises.

 This service is covered by AstoundRewards 4 Schools