Water-Fed Pole Cleaning

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Water-fed poles have revolutionised the industry over recent years. Water-fed poles use 100% pure laboratory-graded water which is purified and pumped through the water-fed pole up to 72ft above ground level. This means that cleaning can be carried out safely from the ground.

We use only soft bristle brushes to remove dirt particles and smears on the glass. As we use pure water the window can be left to air-dry without leaving any watermarks behind. Your windows will stay cleaner for longer because there is no soap or chemical residue for rainwater to mix with.

Our telescopic water fed poles can access and clean windows at heights of up to 72 ft (20 metres) safely from ground level. The health and safety risks associated with cleaning windows from ladders are removed making water-fed pole cleaning one of the safest and most cost-effective methods of window cleaning above first-floor level.

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