Internal Window Cleaning

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We provide many of our customers with an internal window cleaning service, along with water-fed pole cleaning for your external windows.

Once external windows have been cleaned it often highlights smears and fingerprints on internal windows which will then require cleaning. Due to the build up of film on the inside of the glass the best way to clean internal windows is with a traditional blade and squeegee application and not with a spray and cloth, as this only smears the dirt into the corners and is hard to see unless the sun is shining.

If your internal windows are above head height then we use the latest in internal pole window cleaning technology to reach those higher panes of glass up to 30 foot, without leaving any water or drip marks anywhere.

Our operators are highly professional, courteous and adaptable ensuring there is no disruption to your day-to-day running, and they are distinctly recognisable in their corporate uniforms. The only thing we ask of our clients is that they clear the sills/surfaces near the internal windows being cleaned so the operators are can reach them without any problems and with no risk of damaging property.

This service is covered by AstoundRewards 4 Schools