Canopy Cleaning

Astound Cleaning Group possess both the technology and the personnel to provide cleaning solutions for canopies, glass roofs and other ceiling structures.

Canopies such as those shown here typically present businesses with problems as dirt and debris can accumulate freely and frequently in these hard to reach areas. The beauty of having a sparkling clear glass ceiling, for example, only lasts as long as it stays untarnished by the elements – which is usually not for long. High winds, rain and ‘avian waste’ are, unfortunately, a fact of life (especially in the UK) and will frequently stop your canopies from looking their best. Fortunately Astound Cleaning Group has the solution: our specialist Canopy Cleaning service.

Our solutions:

High-Access Equipment – we can easily clean canopies and glass ceilings with technology that can spray water and chemical cleaning agents at high altitudes which would normally be too difficult and dangerous to reach manually.

Cherry Picker –¬†we are the proud owners of a CTE21J Cherry Picker (we are the only company in Sussex to have one of our own) which can reach hard-to-access spots in high places with ease.

Perfect for: Glass roofs, Ceiling canopies, Conservatories

Hiring our high-access equipment for our Canopy Cleaning service is most cost-effective when scheduled alongside one or more of our other services such as window cleaning or gutter cleaning.

As ever, all workers and staff employed by Astound Cleaning Group strictly adhere to the latest UK Health and Safety guidelines. Furthermore, our remote project planning teams will be able to communicate any specific requirements you have to our cleaners on the ground. We take pride in getting the job done with professionalism and efficiency every time.

 This service is covered by AstoundRewards 4 Schools