How To Save Money With Astound Cleaning Group


We are excited to have finally relaunched ourselves as Astound Cleaning Group. More often than not, the name is the first thing you encounter when noticing a company, and we have have taken this opportunity with our recent change of name to show what matters most to us.

All the work we do at Astound relies upon close collaboration between the range of different elements that make up our business as a whole. What’s important to us is how we can all work together as a group in order to maximise efficiency and quality across our elevated cleaning services. This is why we’re called a group, we achieve excellent results through grouping similar work in targeted areas, which enables us to be more cost effective as a company and helps our valued customers save money!

Why you Save Money with Astound Cleaning Group:

  1. As a group we are able to take advantage of having our own high-access cleaning equipment, which means our customers are spared any pesky third party add ons, such as daily hire rates or hidden costs.
  2. ‘Grouping’ – our eagle-eyed operations and communications staff will be able to ‘group’ your business together with other companies in your area who are requiring work at the same time as you. This allows us to work as efficiently as possible, passing the savings on to you!
  3. We directly employ our staff, which sets us apart from companies who only pay by % of the job value to their operators. This way, our staff have no incentive to rush the work they do (not that they would dream of doing so anyway!) and can pay proper attention to the task at hand, having a secure wage from Astound. Our staff keep their jobs by being the best at what they do, and in return they get guaranteed and income and benefits.
  4. We can make even more savings for our customers since, as a group, we have the capability of getting work done for you out-of-hours, at weekends, or during off-peak times.

Here at Astound Cleaning Group we see ourselves like a big family unit, where every part comes together to work for the good of each other and our clients. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about what we do!