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We have built a considerable base of Hotel clients over many years, delivering service that our clients enjoy and fine tuning what we do to meet the particular needs of this industry. For our clients Hotels, we know that presentation is an important factor in retaining happy customers so our work has to be spotless. We also know that our work has to be completed without intruding into the visitors experience of the Hotel. It isn’t simply a case of commissioning a cleaning company based on locality or price.

Spotless Service

It seems an obvious statement to say that we do a great job of cleaning windows. Hotels are often centred around fantastic locations that really showcase the local area and its attractions. So the views that greet visitors through your windows are a big part of the enjoyment of being at your Hotel. The glasswork in your building is part of the experience of being your Guest, and all of our staff know how important it is to leave you with a fine result.

At Astound we work hard to ensure that what we do stands up to any scrutiny. We use the best of equipment, with innovative technologies such as our Pure Water systems and Eco friendly cleaning materials to deliver a truly outstanding result. We also know that the weather is always a factor in cleaning your windows, so we even keep an eye on this for you and adjust our plans if need be.

Discreet Professionalism

We know that your Guests will not appreciate being disturbed during their stay nor be happy to see someone cleaning windows whilst they enjoy room service or a lunch in your Restaurant. So we understand how crucial it is that we organise ourselves around your schedule, and work quietly and effectively to do our job as discretely as possible.

At Astound, we employ staff dedicated to the co-ordination and delivery of our services to ensure that we are professional and properly organised. We use an industry leading and innovative technology solution to pull together the work we do in organising our service with our clients, with the delivery of that service by our staff on site. Only Astound can provide you with real information about the performance of our service and give you the ability to sign off our work yourself in real time.

Experience Matters

We know that Hotel buildings have their own challenges, for instance that we may need to access windows via parts of the building that are in operation 24/7, and that Hotels are often tall enough that traditional approaches will not do. So when we need to carefully coordinate our efforts around your kitchen and reception activities, or organise for you (and often share the cost of) high access machinery, that added experience makes working with us a pleasant and stress-free experience.

At Astound we plan out our jobs in advance and in consultation with our clients. We take into account all likely factors such as access, schedules, weather, road closures (sometimes needed for high access machinery) and any events taking place. All of this is offered with the convenience of monthly billing and assurance from a senior Astound executive.

At Astound we do not ask our clients to take out contracts. We work hard to retain happy customers through excellent service.

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CASE STUDY – Mercure Hotel, Brighton

The Mercure Hotel Brighton is one of the iconic buildings that make up the Brighton Seafront.


The Mercure’s imposing Regency facade has been part of the Brighton landscape since the late 1800s. Like many buildings of that age, the windows are a feature of the design both from the outside in, and looking out over the English channel from inside. Contrasting with the Grade 2 listed exterior, the interior houses modern Guest rooms, a ballroom space and meeting rooms for modern businesses that benefit from far reaching views through its windows.


As a long standing client we have developed a well organised plan for maintaining the windows in this stunning building. We take care to plan out our work well in advance with the team at the Mercure advising us at to the best schedule for the work. There are some specific needs for a building like this, including the high access equipment you see in the picture below, as well as the Grade 2 listed frames which need special care.

Duration: 2 days

Quarterly Services included:

  • Internal window cleaning
  • External window cleaning


As with any busy Hotel, we have to ensure that our work minimises the impact to the Guest experience, and doesn’t interfere with the continuous operation of the Hotel. Scheduling the work accordingly is key to a seamless and stress free experience. The status and architecture of the building require us to use a careful approach to cleaning, so as to avoid any damage to the facade or frames that are relatively fragile in comparison to modern buildings. This is a building where care and attention are crucial. Cleaning all windows requires special equipment for accessing the highest windows. This equipment (sometimes referred to as Cherry Pickers) requires booking in advance and site management that we include in our planning activities to minimise the impact on the Mercure’s team.


Many city centre Hotels have specific problems of access due to the densely packed nature of the areas they serve. This density creates particular problems of access, for which we have developed innovative solutions. Planning in advance for these access issues allows us to identify solutions in advance, making for cost efficiencies. These efficiencies are in turn passed on to our clients as significant cost savings.


We selected a team who are all NVQ qualified, with Safecontractor and CHAS accreditation, who also have experience in historic buildings such as this. This team regularly look after other Hotels such as the Kings Hotel, Queens Hotel and Brighton Hotel.

Our supervisor arranged to survey the job with the Mercure in advance, prior to operatives arriving on site. At this point, we agreed the most
time effective sequence in which to carry out the work. This was transcribed onto a plan and handed to the team supervisor prior to project start.

We used both Pole Fed and High Access cleaning techniques, both incorporating the latest technology in pure water window cleaning. Benefits include:

  • Window cleaning up to a height of 30 metres.
  • Pure hot water drawn from our own vehicles means there are no dried ‘spots’ left behind on the glass.
  • Reduced health and safety risks.
  • Cleans windows and cladding (where required)
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease.
  • Environmentally friendly, as no chemicals are ever used.
  • Saves money

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