Astound Rewards 4 Schools Continues!!


We’re very pleased to announce that following the success of our AstoundRewards 4 Schools programme over the winter months, we will continue the Rewards Credit programme indefinitely.

Here’s how it works…every 6 months (on the 31st of March & 30th September) we will calculate the invoice total of services provided to your education organisation, 10% of this total will be awarded to you in AstoundRewards credit to use against any services during the following 6 month period.

Here’s an example: if you spent £1500 in window cleaning and £900 on gutter cleaning in the month of December totalling £2400. On the 1st of April you will be entitled to use £240 in AstoundRewards credit against any services delivered during the summer months April through September.

This gives you a fantastic opportunity to build credit during two key periods, Winter & Summer. You will be able to apply your AstoundRewards credit from the previous six months to the following six months against any of our services and so on. Any spend within the Winter or Summer periods defined below will be included toward your rewards total and subsequent 10% credit.

  • Winter period – (October to March)
  • Summer Period – (April to September)

If you’re a School, College, Academy or University, please contact your account manager to register!


1. Applies to core cleaning services only.
2. Credit can be used toward any new orders created within each period
3. Does not apply to ongoing orders or regular; weekly, monthly quarterly work