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Welcome to Astound… Worthing’s Elevated Building Cleaners for over 10 years growing strong with Education, Corporations, Hospitality & Healthcare customers across Worthing. 

We view ourselves like a family, working for the good of each other and our wonderful clients. Cleaning building exteriors might not be the most glamorous job but we love it! And we love delivering an excellent service at even better value.

We don’t want to be the next huge cleaning company, instead we would much rather focus on building a reputation for doing exceptional work, and becoming respected as one of the best companies in our field.

Astound emphasises care, compassion and collaboration across all that we do as a company. For us, it’s not we what do that matters, but it’s how we do it that really makes the difference. We always keep these core principles at the heart of every job we take on, and our motivation to exceed the expectations of our valued customers drives us forward.

We look forward to applying our expertise and enthusiasm to your buildings, properties and commercial exteriors.

Give us a call on 0800 644 6161 and we can start to show you how Astound stands out from the corporate cleaning crowd.

Do you want to know how companies and organisations save BIG on their budgets, but avoid compromising their 5 Star quality service?

TIP (1). Use a company that owns its own high access equipment. This means no daily hire rates or hidden costs from third parties. This usage flexibility helps companies get the job in a more efficient and effective manner.

TIP (2). Group Buy (we call it ‘Grouping’)*. This is the process of ‘teaming up’ your business with other local customers that also require services around the same time as you do. Our high tech ops team will ‘group’ work together with our in-house cleaning teams to ensure optimum productivity and efficiency – passing those cost savings right to your bottom line.

TIP (3). Use a company that directly employs its staff and does not pay by % of the job value to their operators. Cleaning companies that operate this way drive quality down as the operators rush through the jobs to close them off to get paid. Our staff keep their jobs by being the most trained, attentive and best at what they do. In return they get guaranteed income and benefits.

TIP (4). Make extra savings by having work delivered out of hours, at weekends or during off-peak times.

*We’ll let you know what other customers we have in your area and the days we have grouping availability.

“We’re so easy to work with and efficient it will feel like a breath of fresh air and your building will look it’s best without even knowing we’ve been there!”

Start saving yourself money today… it’s simple:

Use our online portal to book a site visit and quote for any service


We’ll conduct a free full site survey detailing the scope of works, access requirements, health & safety considerations and compile that into a PDF for your and our reference. Plus we will let you know the standard cost and the most cost-effective times for delivery against any other work being carried out in your area.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us here at Astound – we’re big enough to deliver on a large scale, small enough to care.


10 reasons why we are Simply The Best!

Simply the best… PRICING
Simply the best… HEALTH & SAFETY
Simply the best… OPERATORS
Simply the best… EQUIPMENT
Simply the best… OPERATIONS TEAM
Simply the best… PROJECT MANAGERS
Simply the best… TECHNOLOGY
Simply the best… FEEDBACK SYSTEMS
Simply the best… GUARANTEES

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Commercial Cleaning

Astound Cleaning Group is a carbon-neutral commercial cleaning company based in Sussex. We provide innovative and environmentally conscious cleaning solutions for your buildings exteriors & interiors. Our brand has become synonymous with excellence across the Education, Corporate, Hospitality & Healthcare sectors. You can rely on us to keep your premises clean – we guarantee quality, care and consistency in every detail of our work.