About Us

Welcome to Astound and ELEVATED CLEANING – We are proud to operate as a completely Carbon Neutral company that provides improved service quality and real cost savings for our clients. We care about our environment too – you can learn more about our recent partnership with Trees.org – cleanliness is what we love, a clean environment is what we are working toward.

Cleanliness is what we do best.

Astound Cleaning Group is your go-to solution providing a diverse range of commercial and deep-cleaning services for your business or organisation.

Based in Shoreham, Sussex, we are a richly experienced company that takes pride in delivering elevated cleaning and facilities solutions to customers across London, the South and South East of England. Though the tasks we take on – from cleaning windows to dealing with blocked drains, gutters and everything in-between – may not be the most glamorous, it’s the way we do our work which sets us apart.

  • Strong in: Education, Corporations, Hospitality & Healthcare


Our versatile, talented staff have the latest technology at their fingertips to get the job done in the safest, most efficient manner, and we are always collecting live customer feedback to keep developing and improving as we go. Astound Cleaning Group directly employ some of the most experienced cleaning operatives in the country. Their field experience, combined with cutting-edge systems & office based project planning staff, means we can guarantee high-quality services at the most competitive rates.

How To Save Money With Astound Cleaning Group

Our working processes are structured to give full consideration to Health and Safety requirements. We ensure the safeguarding of our workforce and help our clients to meet their duty of care under UK Health and Safety laws.

Astound Cleaning Group invites you to browse our website and learn more about the wide and diverse range of services we have on offer. We would be delighted to field any queries and look forward to demonstrating how our services can benefit your business.

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update:

We would like to reassure our clients during these uncertain circumstances that Astound Cleaning Group remain accessible. Our data safely operates online via the Cloud and our support staff are able to continue working from home. We are providing a specialist Corona Virus (COVID-19) disinfection service – click here for more information. Cleanliness is what we do best and we are ready and able to offer our resources and expertise to better protect your business during this pandemic.

Why Choose Astound?

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing team and supervisors have over 20 years of experience within the industry and know how to deliver our services in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Furthermore, our free site survey process and our in-house high access equipment allow us to save our clients even more time and money. We also offer additional discounts and flexibility outside of peak periods.


Astound Cleaning Group is a completely carbon neutral company. Cleanliness is what we love and a clean environment is what we are working towards. We are as such proud to partner with Trees For The Future.org, a reforestation project which we send a percentage of the money our customers spend with us towards the planting of trees and gardens. You can learn more and sign up to - 'Become a Tree Amigo' and start planting right away!

Health & Safety

We closely monitor and review our health and safety performance for each service using a variety of methods, including customer feedback. Our strict pre-qualification process ensures that our workforce is trained, competent and compliant with UK Health & Safety law. The systems and processes we use are designed to maintain a full audit trail and ensure a consistent approach to compliance and risk. We employ an in-house Health & Safety advisor and have direct access to a chartered CMIOSH consultant. All of our employees and specialists are strictly vetted and monitored for their compliance.

Latest Technology

Our award-winning computer systems have been customised to follow our unique company process. Every stage of the project is recorded and communicated through one system, giving you the customer full visibility and control throughout. Everything is secure and Cloud based to give 100% availability and uninterrupted continuity of service. Our cutting-edge technology ranges from carbon fibre 72ft poles to specialist gum removal machines and high-pressure water jet poles to cherry pickers. We make sure to use the best quality tools in all the work that we do.

Free Site Surveys

Our Free Site Survey is an opportunity for one of our experienced surveyors to visit your site and discuss your requirements in depth. We collect essential information - including resources required, delivery logistics and health & safety considerations - into a detailed report for the customer. This information is then used by our expert in-house operators to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of our services.

Customer Service

We invest in training and up-skilling our staff so you feel confident that each of your requests will be handled professionally and effectively. The entire team here at Astound Cleaning Group takes care and pride in working closely together. Therefore whoever you speak to has secure access to your information and understands your needs and requirements at the time of your call, so there’s no need for someone to call you back.

Project Planning

We have employed an expert project planning team who work alongside our qualified health and safety advisor and our chartered consultant. Together our planning staff ensure that Astound Cleaning Group operates with efficiency, promoting professionalism and safety above all in every project we take on.


We make sure to provide every new member of staff with the highest possible standard of training. Furthermore we are able to invest in our workforce using up-skilling, which means that, even in the smallest team, staff can support each others professional development so that we can deliver the highest standards of quality, codes of conduct and health and safety.

Quality Control

At Astound Cleaning Group we have developed a quality management system which ensures the highest possible standard of operations at all times across every service we provide. In fact, we are the proud recipients of a Gold Standard for responsible business award. We are honoured to receive recognition developing and maintaining top-quality standards throughout our organisation, and take pride in passing on the benefits to our clients in the work we do.

Customer Feedback

Live customer feedback allows us to constantly adapt and improve. An online management tool enables the accurate and visible collection of opinions and reactions from our clients. It is of the utmost importance that we can keep evolving our methods as a business in order to provide the best service we can. Utilising the results from regular customer feedback makes this possible, and sets us apart from our competitors.